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Why Some People Are Always Online on Facebook

You may have wondered why some people are always online on Facebook. Many of us check our accounts when we are bored or unemployed. Some jobs even revolve around checking our social media accounts. And, of course, many of us never sign out of our Facebook accounts. This makes sense, as we use social media as a means to express ourselves, and to keep us in the loop about events in our lives. Nevertheless, it can be counterproductive.

One thing you should know about the green dot on Facebook: it can confuse people. Even if the person you’re chatting with is not active on the social network, the green dot shows that they’re online. While this is not necessarily true, it may make people feel awkward, especially when they’re not aware of the green dot’s meaning. Fortunately, Facebook has taken steps to counter this problem by adding a ‘Stop ignoring me’ option to their app.

One problem with Facebook Messenger is that you can only tell when someone is online or participating in a Chat. If you’re chatting with a business page administrator, you’ll never know who is online at any given time. Oftentimes, this can lead to disagreements between the two people, resulting in a long period without communication. Then again, this is one of the major problems Facebook users face.

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