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What Is Information Technology and Why Is It Called That?

The term information technology was coined by Jim Domsic in 1981. The industry encompasses computer-related firms, electronics, and communications systems, as well as manufacturing systems and content management software. It has undergone a number of revolutionary changes, and was initially called the premechanical age. It is now categorized into four distinct periods: the premechanical, digital, and information age. These different periods represent the growth of technology in society and its role in our daily lives.

The term IT was first used in the Harvard Business Review, to differentiate between general-purpose computing machines and purpose-built computers. As the IT industry evolved, devices increased in computing capabilities while their cost and energy consumption decreased. New technologies were developed, and the cycle continues. Information technology oversees applications, services, and security. In the 21st century, the number of connected devices is predicted to reach fifty billion.

Using information technology to improve productivity has made our everyday lives easier. E-mail, video conferencing, and chat rooms allow us to share information instantly, regardless of location. Using information technology has made it much easier to communicate with colleagues and customers. It has also reduced the cost of travel for businesses by allowing them to work from anywhere in the world. And the list of benefits of information technology continues to grow.

Today, information technology includes the use, development, and maintenance of computer systems, software, and networks. In other words, IT is the application of scientific know-how to information-based systems. Software is essential for computers to function. Computer hardware, on the other hand, refers to the physical components of a computer system. These include the computer’s screen, keyboard, and mouse. The latter are used to produce reports and make business decisions.

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