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Is America’s Educational System Educational Or Hiding?

The education system in the United States is rife with problems. One of the most prominent is a widening gap between the educational achievements of white students and those of children of color. The American school system continues to be isolated from those of other countries in terms of equity and quality. The number of Hispanic and multi-racial students is expected to increase by more than thirty-three percent over the next five years. In addition, the percentage of children of color who attend schools will increase by nearly forty-four percent.

In most nations, elite schools have been few and far between. These schools were privately chartered or had religious affiliations, independent from government. Nowadays, almost all colleges and universities accept government financial aid and conduct government-sponsored research. These factors have caused the education system in the United States to be inconsistent and conflict-prone. But in the end, they do result in quality education for the children of the nation.

As a result of this, states are under pressure to implement policies that will benefit students of different races. The Every Student Succeeds Act, passed in 2005, allows states to establish educational standards that are based on coursework infosportsworld. This law also gives states more autonomy to make decisions about curriculum and assessment methods. Ultimately, the goal of the law is to ensure that all children attend a quality school thebirdsworld.

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