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How Much Do Attorneys Make?

If you’re wondering “How much do attorneys make?” you’re not alone. It can be quite overwhelming to find out how much money lawyers make. The salary range varies so much depending on the state you live in and the field you work in. The average lawyer salary in the United States is $179,470 per year, but there are some states where lawyers make significantly more than this. California, New York, and Washington D.C., for example, employ more lawyers than any other state.

For those just starting out, the average salary for lawyers is $167,110 per year. The highest paid lawyers make over $424,000 a year. The lowest paid earners make around $56,000. However, attorneys make up to 72% more than other professionals in the same field. The job market for lawyers is expected to increase 8.2% over the next eight years. And if you’re lucky, you can get a lot more than that!

In terms of experience, attorneys’ salaries increase with years of experience. Robert Half’s salary calculator helps you figure out how much an attorney would earn after 10 years in a law firm. Having many years in the field means more options – more time to become a partner in a law firm or to start a private practice. Moreover, attorneys with five years of experience can be competitive for high-paying in-house corporate positions.

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