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How Do I Invite Friends to Like My Business’ Facebook Page?

You’ve created a Facebook page for your business, and now you want to invite friends to “Like” it. You can send them an invitation to “Like” your page. If they already like your page, your invitation will be labeled as “Liked”.

If you want to invite your friends to “Like” your page, you can use the Invite Code tool. You can only invite 500 people per day, but that’s more than enough to promote your page. You can also use this method to invite people who liked a specific post. Make sure to use Google Chrome. This method requires you to create an “Invite code” that contains your friends’ Facebook names.

Adding friends is a great way to spread the word about your page and get more exposure on social media. The process is simple if you follow the steps below. Ensure you’ve got a list of people who’d like to like your page before you do anything else. If you’re unsure of which friends to invite, follow these steps to make sure you’re getting the most likes.

Another way to invite friends to your page is to use the “suggest to friends” feature on Facebook. If they use Facebook sporadically, you’ll probably get fewer responses than if you’d reached all their friends. It’s best to choose ten to twenty friends every day, rather than bombarding them all at once with an automated message. Aim for 10 to 20 friends per day for a month to see a positive increase wotpost.

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